Halftime thoughts from Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Halftime thoughts from Tennessee, where the Titans are up 17-6 over Miami.

  • On Chris Johnson’s 41-yard gain on a well drawn-up screen pass, he slowed to allow blocks by Eugene Amano and Kevin Mawae to develop in front of him and Gibril Wilson made a great play to tackle him and save a touchdown. Easy for me to say, but Johnson shouldn’t be waiting on any offensive linemen. Just say, "Thanks for the effort boys," as you run by them and the defenders, Chris. Miami's done very well tackling him, but he has 14 carries for 71 yards plus the 41-yard catch.

  • Nick Harper’s been picked on by Chad Henne, who’s got an impressive arm. But Harper rebounded for a pick near the end of the first half that cost the Dolphins at least a field goal. Henne was harassed by Stephen Tulloch and made the ill-advised throw for Greg Camarillo.

  • Defensive havoc up front is coming from Jacob Ford. If he can stay healthy next year, I would think he’s in line to be on the field for the bulk of the team’s pass rush plays and could be a 10-sack guy.

  • Justin Gage’s two touchdown catches came on very well thrown balls by Vince Young, whose touch is vastly improved from the preseason. The Dolphins played good coverage on the first and very good coverage on the second. He’s seen the light on something.

  • Tony Brown is starting to come across as a hot head. He’s a very good player and doesn’t need to be grabbing facemasks or fighting after the whistle no matter what the other guys are doing that we may not see or hear.