Seahawks need to reassure fan base

The Seahawks started looking like a model franchise after hiring Tod Leiweke as CEO in 2003.

Their current struggles on the field and perceived mishandling of the Mike Holmgren situation are changing perceptions. I think the Seahawks might be well served if Leiweke made himself available for a state-of-the-Seahawks media session.

Where are they at in the search process? How serious were they about landing Holmgren? How much of a setback was it when Holmgren declined their offer? Did they really wait until the last minute before reaching out to him? How much money did they offer him relative to what other executives earn? Why weren't they willing to offer more? How much power was the organization willing to give Holmgren? What was the deal breaker from the organization's standpoint? Is coach Jim Mora's future increasingly in question? What happens next?

Those are 10 questions off the top of my head. I'm sure you'll leave more in the comments.

Do the Seahawks have answers?

Fans have remained loyal through two horrible seasons. Some of that loyalty could erode if fans think the Seahawks' leadership is floundering.

Holmgren shared his side of the story with Steve Kelley of the Seattle Times, contradicting the team's version of events. Negotiations can be complicated and it's possible, even likely, for opposing sides to have different interpretations. These issues would appear to be relatively clear cut.

The subject matter is sensitive for the Seahawks. They would probably prefer the joint statement released with Holmgren to suffice. But the silent treatment makes them less accountable while allowing perceptions to linger.

As it stands, the team's next chief football executive will be measured against what might have been.