Bruce Allen era off to a rough start

LANDOVER, Md. -- Wonder if new Redskins general manager Bruce Allen is having second thoughts after watching this first half. I heard Allen talk to local ESPN 980 before the game, but he was not asked anything pertinent, such as "Have you talked to any prospective head coaches?"

What he is witnessing in this game is a Redskins defense that is getting overwhelmed at the line of scrimmage. Eli Manning and the Giants can pretty much do anything they want to at this point. And the Skins' special teams have been pretty rough as well. They cannot get a kickoff return to the 20-yard line.

I am not sure what it is about the Giants that brings out the worst in the Skins. I feel like I have seen this same game play out between these teams for two years now. If the Redskins do not sustain a decent drive on this possession, I think we are in for about a 27-0 final score.