Hall should not have been on field

LANDOVER, Md. -- That should just about do it for Eli Manning. I don't see any reason why he would play another down in this game. And I think Jim Zorn should have pulled cornerback DeAngelo Hall from the game before that last Giants' possession.

Hall had completely lost his composure and was shouting at the officials. It's no wonder that he appeared to give up on a 25-yard touchdown pass to Mario Manningham. The Redskins have stood up and played for the past five games but they didn't show up in this game. And to be fair, the Giants played a pretty complete football game.

With 12:42 left in the fourth quarter, Giants players are now leading their fans in some cheers. A quick glance around FedEx reveals mostly blue-and-white clad spectators at this point. Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell is still out there taking a beating.