Boldin: Sinus fracture won't change approach

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin told reporters he remembers the crushing hit he absorbed from Jets safety Eric Smith and will not change the way he plays upon returning:

"That won't change the way I play at all. As soon as I get back on the field, it will be the same old me. I don't plan on altering the way that I play because if I did, I wouldn't be in."

Boldin called the play "part of football" and an "unfortunate incident" while saying players need to take their "bumps and bruises." He said did not think Smith's intentions were to injure him, but that he had not yet heard from Smith.
Boldin suffered what he called "just a sinus fracture" and said he's still consulting with doctors to determine a timetable for his return. He could undergo surgery or let the injury heal. Boldin said he never felt in danger and that his son sitting in the stands did not see the play.

Boldin: "Like I said, I have a pretty good grasp of everything that went on and after it all happened, when everybody came out, me trying to get up and walk off the field, them telling me to be cautious and to just lay there. I remember everything."

Boldin said he passed a test given to diagnose concussions. His balance is fine and he is suffering from no dizziness or headaches. He estimated losing consciousness for a "split second" and that he hopes to know his playing status within the next day or two.

The severity and precise nature of Boldin's sinus fracture has not been specified publicly. Emedicine.com offers a general overview of sinus injuries.