Lanning: J.J. Watt went low despite not being close to punt blocks

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Browns punter Spencer Lanning wasn’t ready to say it was dirty, but he added he had not seen the tape of the Browns' 23-7 loss to Houston on Sunday.

Lanning did make some interesting comments about standout defensive lineman J.J. Watt twice being flagged for roughing the kicker after hitting Lanning in the lower part of leg as he tried to block punts.

“All I can say is from the cutups we had on the sidelines, he wasn’t close,” Lanning said. “So for him to come through twice and not be close ...”

Lanning’s beef -- if that is the word -- was that Watt went low and hit Lanning low when he really did not have a chance to block the punts.

“My only defense when I am punting is if I feel people under me, I’m going to pick up my legs,” Lanning said. “Because if I don’t, something’s going to give and it’s either going to be an ankle or a knee.

That being said, Lanning said he was more angry the Browns lost.

“That part chaps my butt,” Lanning said. “Not the roughing. That’s all part of the game to me. If he wants to be a wild man and come through, I’m going to pick my feet up and if he touches me it’s going to be a first down.”

“There are two plays that I wish I didn’t do,” Watt said, “but I will never apologize for trying to make a play. My number was called and I tried to go out there and make a play. I wish I had gone a little bit more to the left or so.”

Watt has been on Houston’s special teams this season, so it wasn’t unusual to see him there. He hasn’t often been asked to block a punt, though.

After the second penalty, Lanning walked off the field and patted Watt on the top of the helmet as he passed by.

“I told him, ‘Tough break,’” Lanning said. “He thought he was close I guess and dove under me. First down.”