Miraculous TD catch by Avant

AvantAvantPHILADELPHIA --Even when the Broncos make a nice play on the ball, something bad happens to them. Donovan McNabb threw a bullet across the middle that was tipped by Broncos safety Renaldo Hill. The ball glanced hard off of Hill's arms and wide receiver Jason Avant reached out and snagged it with one hand while he had one knee down. It was a brilliant play -- and the touchdown put the Eagles up 27-10.

The Broncos have asked All-Pro cornerback Champ Bailey to follow DeSean Jackson all over the field, and for the most part, he's done a decent job against the explosive receiver. But on the pass interference play on that drive, Jackson put three different moves on him before drawing the penalty. It was a borderline call because Bailey didn't make much contact with Jackson.

The problem was that Bailey never turned around and found the ball.