Lions turn to Orlovsky

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
DETROIT -- That roar you just heard was the remaining Lions fans here cheering for backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky, who just replaced starter Jon Kitna.

We're not aware of any injury to Kitna, who threw for 74 yards in a disjointed first half. Orlovsky has been warming up since the end of halftime, and Kitna is on the sideline with nothing obvious -- other than his team's performance -- bothering him.

The Bears have extended their lead to 24-0 on Matt Forte's second touchdown of the game.

There was plenty of bye week discussion about the possibility of elevating No. 3 quarterback Drew Stanton, but in reality Stanton is not close to being ready to play. Orlovsky has never been considered a likely possibility as the Lions' long-term starter, but with all else lost Sunday, he's getting his chance.