Giants' DC Sheridan sacked

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said Monday afternoon defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan would be evaluated this week, but apparently the process didn't take too long. Sheridan was fired today after his defense gave up a staggering 427 points this season.

You knew Coughlin had to fire Sheridan. The Giants entered the season as a potential top-five team in the league. By the end of the season, they had one of the worst defenses in football. It wasn't all Sheridan's fault. The Giants lost an excellent safety in Kenny Phillips early in the season. Then they lost linebacker Antonio Pierce, an inspirational leader for the team.

But someone had to pay for this disappointing performance, and Sheridan is the first man to go. I would not be surprised at all if former Bills head coach Dick Jauron replaces Sheridan. We'll keep you updated if anything else develops.