Thoughts on Carroll, Frazier, Seahawks

The wheels are spinning fast after Seattle fired coach Jim Mora.

ESPN's John Clayton says the Seahawks have shown interest in Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier.

Chris Mortensen has identified USC coach Pete Carroll as the top candidate.

  • Update: Mortensen reports that Frazier has declined the Seahawks' request. This item has been updated to condense the section dealing with Frazier's possible candidacy.

The Seahawks could use a bold move right about now. It's been a couple rough seasons for the organization.

Frazier's name has come up in previous head coaching searches around the NFL. His connection to former Colts coach Tony Dungy interested me because another former Dungy associate, Ruston Webster, happens to be the Seahawks' interim general manager.

How good would the Seahawks look if they could somehow land Dungy in an advisory role, lending immediate credibility, with Webster as GM and Frazier as head coach? It's an idea that requires some connecting of the dots. I've had no indication from anyone that such an arrangement has been considered, would be considered or would even be practical.

Do you fire Mora to hire Frazier? Is that an obvious upgrade?

Carroll is a much bigger name. He's energetic and he's dynamic. He would fit with Leiweke, for sure.

Would he be the right choice? I recently watched an NFL Network show featuring former NFL head coaches who should have stayed at the college level. Former Seahawks coach Dennis Erickson was one of the men featured. Carroll was another.

The program showed locker room footage of Carroll giving sappy rah-rah speeches, with former players saying the NFL was no place for him.

Much time has passed since Carroll left the Patriots after the 1999 season. He would go into his next NFL job a wiser man for the experience.

Should be an interesting next week or so in the NFC West.