Bengals halftime notes

CINCINNATI--The New York Jets lead the Bengals, 14-7, at intermission.

Here are some halftime observations:

  • Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco said he would play much better against New York Jets Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis. But in the first half that hasn’t been the case. Revis has shut out Ochocinco so far, and intercepted a pass in the second quarter. Revis was in the hip pocket of Ochocinco when Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer threw the ball up for grabs.

  • Cincinnati tailback Cedric Benson has fresh legs in this game. He is running hard against the NFL’s top defense, gaining 73 yards in the first half on 13 carries. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis opted to rest Benson in Week 17 to get him ready for the playoffs, and it appears to be a good decision.

  • In terms of bad decisions, both challenges by Lewis were pretty poor. Lewis had a lot of time, including a commercial break, to see the first replay and still made a failed challenge. The second happened on Cincinnati’s sideline, so the Bengals should’ve had a good angle to see the play was a completed pass. Cincinnati has zero challenges remaining in the game, which could be huge in the playoffs.

  • Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko returned from knee surgery Saturday and is holding his ground well. Cincinnati was pushed around last week and hoping that Peko could change that, and he has done a decent job, with the exception of a 39-yard touchdown run by Jets tailback Shonn Greene.