NFC East Hashlines: Plax's book tour, T.O.'s camp and more

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

If you're a Redskins fan, you have 11 days left until training camp. Cowboys fans have 16 days left. I'm currently putting together an elaborate plan that will allow me to see all four of the NFC East teams during training camp.

Quick question for my three-team East Coast trip: Would you guys start in Albany and work your way down via rental car or use Ashburn, Va., as a starting point? I need to finalize things pretty quickly so ESPN can book my middle seat.

Now, here are today's NFC East headlines:


  • Jerry Jones is giving fans a special opportunity to help pay for his $1.2 billion stadium. Take that $375 you've been saving for your child's college fund and use it for an 8x8 paver that complete strangers will walk on someday.

  • Jacques Taylor says this isn't a make or break season for Wade Phillips, but he does think it's his last one. HUH?


  • My friends at the Eagletarian are taking an extended vacation, so we have to keep linking to the government Web site. Enjoy the first of 500 McNabb training camp stories.

  • Was the Eagles' 1991 defense the best of all time? At least one blogger thinks so. Make sure you watch the YouTube video of the late Jerome Brown and Clyde Simmons completely overwhelming the Cowboys. Nate Newton has told me that Brown was the best defensive lineman he ever faced.


  • Another update on Plaxico Burress' book tour. By my count, at least 17 members of the Giants organization have written books since the Super Bowl. But even before The Catch II, you had to know that David Tyree would someday write a book. It just made too much sense.