Five AFC South players are All-Pro

Many readers have e-mailed me or posted something on Facebook or Twitter asking how Chris Johnson didn’t get a single MVP vote.

My response has been that if all 50 voters found one player they thought was more valuable than Johnson, it’s not so hard to fathom.

Johnson won NFL Offensive Player of the Year this week, and Thursday we learned he was the lone unanimous selection to the 27-player All-Pro Team.

In all there are five players from the AFC South on the team, including four members of the 14-man offense.

Peyton Manning, Johnson, Dallas Clark, Andre Johnson and Dwight Freeney are all All-Pros. The Jacksonville Jaguars went unrepresented.

This is a good time to point out how loosely this honor is talked about. A lot of people like to call Pro Bowlers All-Pros, when they are hardly the same thing.

Currently the Pro Bowl rosters include 88 players, and that list will grow with more dropouts and substitutes for players heading to the Super Bowl.

It’s a much bigger honor to be All-Pro, though, and we should pounce on anyone who's crossing up the two distinctions.

Others receiving votes: