Warner hurt; where was ground game?

NEW ORLEANS -- My thought when Arizona went with four wide receivers on the second-and-6 play that left Kurt Warner injured: Why can't this be a running situation for the Cardinals?

I just don't get the plan here for Arizona.

The Cardinals break a 70-yard run on their first play. The Saints are not strong against the run. Arizona needs to keep the Saints' offense off the field in order to protect an Arizona defense playing without half its starting secondary.

And so the team runs the ball for a 4-yard gain on first-and-10 from its own 28 while trailing 28-14 in the second quarter. The Saints' defense cannot wait to rush the passer. It's a perfect situation to run the ball. Arizona passes, Warner gets pressured, the pass is tipped and picked off, Warner gets drilled and the Saints are in position to extend their lead.

The running game needed to be Arizona's friend in this game. Beanie Wells should be getting the ball and running downhill, not trying to take cute inside handoffs like the one resulting in a fumbled snap earlier.