Halftime observations

NEW ORLEANS – Time for some random thoughts on the first half.

  • Not sure what’s up with Reggie Bush today, but it’s all good. He’s running better than I’ve seen him since he’s been in the NFL. He looks a little like he used to at USC.

  • I think one of the best positives for the Saints is that tight end Jeremy Shockey is healthy. He was banged up and missed some time late in the year and that threw the offense off kilter a bit. Having Shockey allows David Thomas to get some work at fullback and he’s been doing a nice job as the lead blocker on running plays.

  • The New Orleans offensive line has been good all season, but I think this unit is having its best game today. I can’t remember a defender getting near Drew Brees and the Saints have been running the ball very well.

  • Defensive end Will Smith got snubbed from the Pro Bowl. But he’s playing like a Pro Bowler today.

  • Doesn’t look like the Saints are missing defensive end Charles Grant, who got hurt in the regular-season finale. Bobby McCray’s in his spot and there hasn’t been any drop off.