Colts do damage just before half

INDIANAPOLIS -- Some halftime thoughts from Lucas Oil Stadium, where the Colts lead 17-3.

  • Yes, I expected we’d see more points by now. Peyton Manning has made some good throws, but he has also missed on some. The Ravens' secondary has been better in coverage than I expected.

  • They took a little while to get Reggie Wayne involved. Manning isn’t going to force it if the coverage sends him elsewhere. Wayne's second catch on the touchdown drive was a beauty on a short throw he had to really reach to pull in. Earlier, they seemed to really like Pierre Garcon against Frank Walker. I think we’ll see them attack that matchup more if they get it.

  • Just before the Ravens pulled even at 3-3, Antoine Bethea dropped a pass near the goal line he probably would have taken the length of the field for a TD. What a game-changer that would have been.

  • Ray Lewis’ penalty for helmet-to-helmet hit his on Austin Collie in the back of the end zone at the end of the half stirred some debate in the press box. Letter of the law says it’s the right call. But one fair point was raised: When is a receiver who is trying to make a catch not going to be defenseless? That piece of it seems like it will always be there, right?

  • Baltimore’s “Jack” linebacker Dannell Ellerbe’s impressed me, making several big hits on Joseph Addai.

  • Manning and the Colts offense seems like a guarantee to score when it gets the ball late in the half or the game. It’s more surprising when they don’t when they do. This time they got the ball with 1:26, two timeouts and 64 yards to go and drive to a touchdown that boosted the lead at the half to 17-3.

  • That drive is big for the defense. Baltimore’s hopes have officially been moved onto the shoulders of Joe Flacco.