For Rams and receivers, eight is enough

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Receivers comprise 15 percent of the Rams' roster after the team signed Derek Stanley from the practice squad today.

The move makes St. Louis the only team in the league with more than seven receivers on its 53-man roster. Teams are carrying fewer than six on average.

The imabalance reflects injuries to receivers Drew Bennett, Dane Looker and Keenan Burton. Each remains part of the 53-man roster, but none is expected to play agains the Redskins in Week 6. Bennett and Looker are "out" while Burton missed practice again Friday.

The chart shows how many players at each position teams in the division are carrying on its 53-man roster, with league averages in the column farthest to the right. Note that the 49ers' total for defensive backs counts Allen Rossum, who is mostly a return specialist. I have also reclassified the 49ers' Justin Smith as a defensive lineman after listing him as an outside linebacker.