Jay Cutler's contract named NFL's worst QB deal from team's perspective

ESPN NFL Insider Mike Sando recently ranked the most appealing NFL quarterback contracts from a player standpoint, and unsurprisingly, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s seven-year, $126.7 million deal with $54 million in guarantees finished No. 7 overall in terms of player-friendly pacts.

In his latest project, Sando takes a different spin on the subject by listing the most team-friendly NFL quarterback contracts of the QBs earning at least $9 million per year.

Where does Cutler rate on this chart?

Dead last.

Of the 18 quarterback contracts Sando examined, he found Cutler’s deal signed 17 months ago to be the worst from the team’s perspective.

Sando writes: “Coaches brought in to help Cutler keep getting fired. Meanwhile, Cutler keeps cashing fat checks. Although the true guarantees in his deal were reasonable on paper, the Bears became accountable for another $25 million after Cutler remained on the roster long enough for injury-only guarantees to become fully guaranteed.”

Factoring in Cam Newton’s brand new long-term deal in Carolina, Cutler ranks ninth in average per-year value, 14th in true guarantee and ninth in three-year average per-year value.

Even those modest figures are not enough to convince Sando that Cutler is worth Chicago’s investment. Cutler will try and guide the Bears to the postseason in 2015 for just the second time in his career. And if he fails, the organization may attempt to move in a different direction at the position in the near future.