Giants' DC Fewell visits with reporters

After a couple of weeks on the job, New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell spoke with reporters via conference call Thursday. I've reviewed the transcript and can assure you that Fewell didn't say anything particularly revealing. The former Bills interim head coach has not decided whether he wants to call plays from the sideline or the press box, although that will ultimately be Tom Coughlin's decision.


FewellFewell seems to have immense respect for the Giants' defensive linemen despite their poor play in '09. It sounds like he's going to spend the next couple of weeks evaluating his players before making any decisions on what if any changes to make to the scheme.

"Again, I can’t speak to this team and what happened a year ago. I’m just speaking of talent level, and I see a talented group of men that can play football, that are football players," Fewell said when asked about the defensive line. "And as I evaluate the numbers of athletes at that position, I haven’t been with very many teams that have that many talented athletes at one position, at that defensive line position. So that’s why I say it’s the strength of our football team."

It will be up to Fewell to figure out why one of the most potent pass-rushing units in the league was so ineffective in '09. And it's not like he's bringing in a bunch of his guys to turn this defense around. It doesn't sound like Fewell had much input in the hiring of defensive line coach Robert Nunn, which seems odd for such an important part of the coaching staff.

We'll have a much better idea of what Fewell is trying to accomplish once we get to some minicamps and OTAs. Are you about ready for those things to get going?