Black and Blue all over: Pro Bowl edition

MIAMI -- Soon I’ll be starting the trek over to the Pro Bowl. Colleagues Mike Sando (NFC West) and Tim Graham (AFC East) will be joining John Clayton in a pseudo-live chat throughout the game. Please join us here at NFL Nation Live at 7 p.m. ET.

I read through many of your comments from Saturday’s post on Bryant McKinnie’s dismissal from the NFC team. Many of them were legitimate and one stood out. This from Vikes4ever70:

“Hey KS, I don't think Bryant McKinnie was/is the only NFC north member at the pro bowl. How bout another blog that is about one of them, instead of taking every chance you get to focus on one negative incident involving a Viking.”

I don’t know about taking “every chance,” but you’re right in this regard: It’s time to stop giving McKinnie any more attention. Instead, we’ll focus the rest of our coverage on Aaron Rodgers, Steve Hutchinson, Johnny Knox and the rest of the NFC North players who actually braved the week of practice and will participate in this game.

I’ll check back in a few hours from Sun Life Stadium. Until then, let’s take a Sunday afternoon spin around the division: