Revis not done ragging on Moss

MIAMI -- One night after New York Jets coach Rex Ryan upheld his rivalry with the Miami Dolphins, one of his players maintained an ongoing feud with a divisional foe.

After the AFC defeated the NFC 41-34 in the Pro Bowl on Sunday night, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis rehashed what has turned into a delectable grudge match with New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss.

"Will he fight through tough coverage? Everybody knows Randy Moss," Revis said. "Sometimes he takes plays off. Sometimes he don't. That's his game now. He's still a great player, and he still manages to make plays."

Revis also said Patriots slot receiver Wes Welker is tougher to cover than Moss.

"He's a scrapper," Revis said of Welker. "He can do all the option routes you can draw up, and he gets open all the time."

Two weeks ago, Revis called Moss a "slouch" during an interview with NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders. During the season, Revis and Moss went back and forth over perceived lack of respect.

Moss had four receptions for 24 yards against Revis in Week 2 but claimed Revis had significant help from safety Kerry Rhodes.

"Just trying to cover it up because Randy Moss didn't have a great game," Revis said Sunday night. "You always see Randy Moss catching 160 yards, 180 yards, two, three touchdowns. That day wasn't his day. That happens sometimes in football.

"My thing is, just give respect to where it's due and next time try to game plan better to make plays."

In their Week 11 rematch, Moss had five receptions for 34 yards and a point-blank touchdown Revis couldn't be blamed for allowing.

As for Ryan giving Dolfans the finger Saturday night in South Florida, Revis said: "We're still human. People got feelings. People do things. It's not the right thing to do, but he did it. He did the right thing by apologizing. Now you just move forward."