Tom Brady artist Jane Rosenberg presents another court sketch

NEW YORK -- Did Jane Rosenberg do better this time?

You be the judge.

Rosenberg, the sketch artist who gained notoriety for her less than flattering drawings of Tom Brady during his first court appearance in Manhattan on Aug. 12, produced a second round of sketches featuring the New England Patriots quarterback following Monday's "Deflategate" hearing.

Asked if she improved, Rosenberg said, "I don't know. ... I still think he looks a little like 'Lurch' [from the Adams Family]."

Rosenberg came to court prepared, having practiced sketching Brady's likeness in hopes of not going viral again on Twitter. But Monday's hearing lasted about five minutes, leaving her with little time to create a masterpiece.

"I couldn't even see him," said Rosenberg, who was forced to work mostly from memory. "It was really a nightmare."

Rosenberg, who has been a sketch artist for 35 years, didn't enjoy her 15 minutes of fame one bit. She certainly didn't seem comfortable with all the cameras, microphones and tape recorders in her face on Monday.

"I've been under tremendous pressure," she told a pack of reporters outside of Manhattan Federal Courthouse. "I don't like being in the limelight. I'm ready to go to the background where I belong and just be an artist."

After her first sketch went viral, Rosenberg said she received 700 e-mails -- some negative, some positive -- and numerous interview requests.

That should significantly dissipate now.

"I couldn't deal with all the media attention," Rosenberg said. "If only I had a (PR) public relations person. I had a very rough time for a few days, and I got a lot of people sending me nasty e-mails. I can't figure out why they even bothered."