Shockey makes up for late start

Jeremy Shockey revealed at Super Bowl media day that he'd warned his Saints teammates about Miami's temptations. Curt Johnson/ESPN.com

MIAMI -- He strolled in to Wednesday’s media session about 20 minutes late and offered no real explanation. But Jeremy Shockey offered just about everything else.

The New Orleans tight end, spoke for a good 20 minutes and didn’t hold much back. For the next 15 minutes, Shockey covered ground from Miami to New York to New Orleans. Never known for being a team leader, Shockey revealed that he has talked to the Saints about the temptations of Miami.

“Having lived here, I’ve done every temptation there is in the offseason,’’ Shockey said. “I was telling all the guys on the team, you’re going to be invited to every party. You’re going to be approached by every girl. You’re going to have movie-star status. Just resist that for one week and, then, we’ll come back and I’ll pay for everyone’s plane ticket and I will show you around Miami, the local style.’’

Shockey also talked a lot about his days at the University of Miami and especially about his relationship with New Orleans linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who was Shockey’s teammate with the Hurricanes. They both went to New York -- Shockey to the Giants and Vilma to the Jets -- before being traded separately to the Saints before the 2008 season.

“He got drafted to New York and I got drafted by a New York team,’’ Shockey said. “We’ve never really been far away from each other. He got traded here and then my trade went down and I was just ecstatic to be back with him. Seeing him play in New York and how he got treated in New York wasn’t right. He proved to his team that they made a bad decision in getting rid of him. He’s had a great year. Our friendship is strong and it will remain strong for a long time.’’

Shockey also answered a lot of questions about his previous Super Bowl, which wasn’t super for him. He had a broken leg and couldn’t play and there was controversy that the Giants might have been better off without him. You’ve heard Shockey’s side of the story many times before so we won’t rehash that, but he was emphatic that he was happy his teammates won the Super Bowl.

“I wasn’t forced out of New York,’’ Shockey said. “It was more of an option than anything. It was just my time to leave. No matter what happened when I came back, even if I had my best season ever, it would be a distraction just because of the stories that were written before the Super Bowl.’’

Shockey, who has said before he’s been fined by coach Sean Payton for talking about injuries, wouldn’t talk much about the knee problem that’s been hampering him for several weeks.

“I’m doing good,’’ Shockey said.

Then, he suddenly turned it all off.

“That’s it,’’ Shockey said. “I’ve got to go catch a bus [to practice], fellas.’’