Redskins QB Kirk Cousins' ride? His grandma's conversion van -- 130,000 miles and a TV

Redskins QB Kirk Cousins has great memories of riding in his grandparents' van. So he bought it and drives it to work. John Keim/ESPN

ASHBURN, Va. -- Memories prompted Kirk Cousins to buy a non-traditional second car, thoughts of Saturday drives to college games with his grandparents fresh in his mind. A little laziness prompted him to use it to drive back and forth from Redskins Park.

Which is why the Washington Redskins starting quarterback has been driving to work in his grandparents' 15-year-old conversion van, which creates quite the contrast in the parking lot surrounded by cars worth thousands of dollars more.

Cousins bought the 2000 GMC Savana limited edition conversion van from his grandmother for $5,000 after his 86-year-old grandfather died in the 2014 offseason. He already had two cars and just wanted another one to transport family when they were in town. Cousins’ wife did not want him to buy the van, but he couldn't resist. His grandparents used to drive them to Iowa Hawkeye games as a kid; there’s a Hawkeye logo on the tow hitch.

“We’d hop in and say this is a great car,” Cousins said. “It had leather seats, all the bells and whistles. We put more money into it to update it. It’s a great second car to have.”

Cousins has owned the car for two years, but he’s using it on a daily basis now for a simple reason: The lease on the Chevy Tahoe he once drove ended, and he hasn’t purchased another car. His wife, Julie, drives their other car, leaving Cousins to use the van _ complete with about 130,000 miles and a TV _ for trips to Redskins Park and FedEx Field, which can sometimes take 90 minutes because of traffic.

For now, it adds more character to the Redskins backfield. Running back Alfred Morris has been riding his bike to Redskins Park – and he still owns a 1991 Mazda 626.

“Sometimes our swagger is having no swagger,” Cousins said. “We’re a little quirky, a little different. As long as we can be productive it will work out, but let’s win football games. Then a conversion van will start to be cool.”