Five questions with Floyd Little

I caught up with Floyd Little as he soaks in life as one of the newest members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The running back – who was the face of the Denver Broncos from 1968-75 – was elected into the Hall of Fame on Saturday in what was likely his final chance to get elected.

Little is still in Miami, as he and the other newly-elected members are going through a Hall of Fame orientation. Tuesday, Little was measured for his Hall of Fame jackets and had photos taken for his bust for this summer’s enshrinement ceremony. Little took time out of his hectic schedule to play five questions:

How did you celebrate your election Saturday night? “We had a group of 11 friends and family who went to a steakhouse. My old friend, baseball Hall of Famer Eddie Murray, was in Miami and he joined us. We had champagne and cake and we partied big time.”

How many calls of congratulations have you gotten since your election? My voice mail holds 60 messages and it is full. I have 150 emails. Many college teammates from Syracuse are calling and my Denver teammates are calling me. Two of the most special calls were from Vice President Joe Biden and Hall of Famer Joe Greene. He said I was the best player he ever played against. Joe Biden and I went to Syracuse together. He wants to come to the Hall of Fame ceremony.

Who is going to be your Hall of Fame presenter? “My son, Marc. He was the first guy to write a letter to the Hall of Fame asking why I wasn’t in. I told him if I ever made it, he’d be standing up there with me.”

Who will be the next Denver player elected? “It should either be Randy Gradishar or Shannon Sharpe.”

What should the Broncos do with receiver Brandon Marshall? “The tail can’t wag the dog. He didn’t play in the team’s last game but he played in the Pro Bowl. But I think they have to find a way to keep him. He’s the best receiver in the league, in my opinion. They have to find a way make it work.”