Checking in on the Joneses

A couple of AFC South Joneses are in the news.

Former Jaguars receiver Matt Jones is apparently deciding between the Titans and Bengals for an attempted comeback. Former Titans and Cowboys corner and return man Adam "Pacman" Jones got a look by the Bengals, too.

Let’s state the obvious first: While they’ve both had issues, Pacman’s rap sheet makes Matt’s look like a Post-it note.

More importantly, when last we saw Matt Jones, he was actually playing the best NFL ball of his career.

Had he developed into the deep threat you’d expect from a first-round pick? No. But he was a reliable target for an 8-yard pass on third-and-7, and while there isn’t a ton of glory in that, there is value in it.

In Tennessee he’d be in the mix for the fourth or fifth spot in the receiving corps, behind Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, Justin Gage and jostling with Lavelle Hawkins. If Jones signs and sticks, he could be irrelevant if everyone is healthy, and a big piece of depth when someone gets hurt.

Pacman Jones was not playing anything close to his best ball when we last saw him in 2008 playing for the Cowboys in a disappointing return from his 2007 suspension.

Now, after another year out of the league, I can’t imagine him resurfacing to be an impact player. Is the potential for him to surprise worth the time-bomb element that comes with adding him to your roster?

My answer doesn’t matter, or course, but it’s a resounding no.