Reading the coverage: Johnson on three-game binge

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

Before we head to the airport for a too-long afternoon of travel with a connecting flight back to Nashville, we wander through the four cities of the AFC South to see what's been written.

Houston Texans

The Texans came out of a win angry, because they gave Detroit too much second-half life, says John McClain.

When Matt Schaub is on, he can be very good, writes Richard Justice.

In his return, Dunta Robinson played 25 snaps, mostly covering Mike Furrey, says Bernardo Fallas.

Andre Johnson has put together the best three-game stretch of his career, writes Megan Manfull.

DeMarcus Faggins says Calvin Johnson's 96-yard touchdown catch was his fault, according to McClain and Manfull.

Steve Slaton and Owen Daniels combine for four touchdowns, says Kristie Rieken.

Indianapolis Colts

Turnovers and penalties amount to sloppiest game of the Tony Dungy era, writes Phil Richards.

It takes a lot to make Dungy angry. He was angry after this one, says Bob Kravitz.

Kravitz's report card includes only one F.

"I guess we're like the Dow Jones in a sense,'' linebacker Gary Brackett says in Mike Chappell's story. "We're all over the place."

Five things Don Banks learned while watching Colts-Packers.

The Packers gave Indy's receivers trouble coming off the line, according to Phillip B. Wilson.

Dominic Rhodes fared pretty well in place of Joseph Addai, but given the loss he wasn't too happy about it, Chappell and Richards write.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Apologies for missing this. Big news in the Richard Collier case: Police arrested a suspect in his shooting.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans ran for 332 yards in their win in Kansas City, a single-game franchise record, says Jim Wyatt, who short-changes Max Weinberg.

David Climer says the Titans have their helmets screwed on straight as they look ahead to Monday night against Indianapolis.

Michael Silver: "A primer on a well-coached, unselfish, hard-hitting team that remains decidedly devoid of sexiness."

Titans receivers caught all of two passes with their two starters sidelined, but they were key blockers for the run game, according to Gary Estwick.

Tennessee has eight tackles for a loss as they shut down the Chiefs' run game, writes Estwick.

Kyle Vanden Bosch started, but exited quickly. He's hopeful his groin will be fine by Monday night, says the crew from The Tennessean.

Wyatt hands out two As and an A+ in his report card.

Chris Johnson gave himself a chance to execute his plan, banging on the house band drums after his long TD run in KC, writes Steve Weiberg.