Extending Whisenhunt, Graves logical

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Cardinals' new contract agreements with general manager Rod Graves and coach Ken Whisenhunt make sense for all parties.

Both are signed through 2013, the Cardinals announced. The team has an option on Whisenhunt's deal for 2014.

Graves and Whisenhunt get some security heading into the challenges that await after the Kurt Warner era. They also get what seems like just reward for overseeing the team's recent success. Ownership buys stability.

Graves and Whisenhunt seem to work well together. Their comfort with one another seems pretty obvious. I thought it was telling when both appeared on Phoenix radio station KTAR 620 last week. They sounded like old pals.

The Cardinals have taken positive steps this offseason by re-signing popular strength and conditioning coach John Lott, an asset Whisenhunt values highly. Getting deals done with Graves and Whisenhunt stands as significant progress.

The team still faces difficult challenges this offseason as key players such as Karlos Dansby and Antrel Rolle appear likely to hit the market. This team will certainly suffer from turnover this offseason.

Extending Whisenhunt means the Cardinals will have the right coach in place, improving their chances for success. This is a good day for Cardinals fans.