Taking questions for Graves, Whisenhunt

INDIANAPOLIS -- Cardinals general manager Rod Graves and coach Ken Whisenhunt are scheduled to address reporters as part of the NFL combine media schedule Saturday.

Both signed contract extensions recently. Both will try to keep the Cardinals atop the NFC West despite several significant threats to the roster, including Kurt Warner's retirement and the potential loss of defensive starters Karlos Dansby and Antrel Rolle.

I'll have access to Graves and Whisenhunt during their news conference. If you have questions for them, please share. I'll put together an item Saturday based at least in part on their responses.

Among the challenges facing this team during the offseason:

  • Developing Matt Leinart as Warner's replacement

  • Finding a long-term successor for nose tackle Bryan Robinson

  • Developing Will Davis and Cody Brown into starting-caliber outside linebackers

  • Deciding how to handle Anquan Boldin as the receiver heads into the final year of his contract

  • Possibly replacing Rolle, who could hit the market soon without a reworked deal

  • Deciding for sure what to do at tackle if Mike Gandy departs as expected

  • Replacing Dansby if and when the linebacker leaves in free agency

Those are some of the main ones. I'm sure you'll think of others.