First-class offensive tackles

My flight home from Indianapolis to Dallas featured some of the top offensive tackles from the combine. Still wearing their black Under Armour gear with names helpfully written on the back, Oklahoma left tackle Trent Williams and TCU left tackle Marshall Newhouse took their seats in first class.

They both attempted not to snicker as Oklahoma State left tackle Russell Okung, projected to go in the top five of the draft, made his way back to the economy section. I counted at least seven offensive linemen on my flight, although I didn't catch all of their names.

Before the plane took off, a large man in 4C started peppering Williams with questions about the combine. Williams seemed slightly annoyed until the man said, "Hi, I'm DeMarcus Ware." Williams' eyes got big and he suddenly became a little more talkative. Perhaps he realized that he might have to face the Cowboys outside linebacker at some point down the road.

Ware was in town meeting with representatives from the players' association. The soft-spoken Ware is apparently taking a much larger role in the process now that his mentor, Greg Ellis, is no longer with the Cowboys.

One little nugget from my conversation with Ware: He said second-year outside linebacker Brandon Williams is ready to make a move this offseason. He thinks that Williams could become a key contributor as long he's willing to sell out in the weight room this offseason.

"I'm going to take him under my wing," said Ware.

And that's the best news Williams has heard this offseason.