NFC East: Where Tim Tebow might land

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is working to refine his throwing motion. Will he play QB or some other position in the NFL? Let’s assess his chances of landing in the NFC East.

Dallas Cowboys: This is Jerry Jones that we are talking about, so Tim Tebow might just end up in Dallas. That’s not an indictment of Tony Romo, but grooming another quarterback for the Cowboys’ stable might not be such a terrible idea this year. Why this year specifically? Well, when looking at each NFL team and analyzing their specific needs, Dallas might just have fewer than anyone else. It would be great to add a real playmaker at safety and adding youth along the offensive line makes sense, but overall, there isn’t one massive need -- outside of kicker -- that Dallas needs to address to be a contender. Plus, that is quite a large stadium that Jones just built and if something were to happen to Romo, having Tebow waiting in the wings would ensure that they keep it packed with paying customers.

Draft probability: Low.

New York Giants: This one doesn’t seem likely to me, but the Giants certainly are in the market for an upgrade at backup quarterback. Still, my guess is that New York will not use the pick needed on draft weekend to secure Tebow’s services. The reasons are simple; they just have too many pressing defensive needs. The Giants would be wise to use the top of their draft to get younger, faster and more talented at safety and linebacker and maybe add a beefy, run-stopping nose tackle. The offensive needs are not as pressing, but using a high draft pick along the offensive line would make more sense than using it on Tebow. But, as I said, they do need to improve the backup quarterback spot. Imagine Tebow-mania in the Big Apple!

Draft probability: Low.

Philadelphia Eagles: As it stands, the Eagles now have more quarterbacks than they know what to do with. But hear me out. Let’s say that the Rams (or another team) offer the Eagles very good value for Michael Vick and the Browns offer up their early first-round pick for Kevin Kolb -- two situations that could come to fruition. Then Tebow could come into the mix as the long-term successor to Donovan McNabb. Andy Reid does value strong quarterbacks who move well -- like McNabb -- and is a collector at the position, but this West Coast scheme is predicated on getting the ball out quickly, which clearly is not Tebow’s strong suit. But the Eagles might take a win-now approach in the above scenario and would be the type of team who could allow Tebow to work on his craft behind McNabb while also taking over for Vick in the Wildcat package.

Draft probability: Low.

Washington Redskins: With Tebow’s long release and inability to get the ball out quickly, he does not appear to be a good fit in Mike Shanahan’s offense (or anyone’s offense) in Washington. However, he does move very well, has a strong arm and off-the-chart intangibles, so he might just pique Shanahan’s interest. This only works, though, if the Redskins decide to make Jason Campbell the starting quarterback for the near future and assemble a supporting cast for him with their offseason resources -- which is what I would do. If the Redskins instead add Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen with their first-round pick, Tebow becomes a nonfactor. But if they hedge their bets, go with Campbell for the short term, use the first-round pick on say, a left tackle, and then use a later pick on a developmental quarterback like Tebow, the former Gator could find himself in Washington, where the owner has been known to like making a splash.

Draft probability: Medium.