Eagles part of Peppers' backup plan?

NFL agents say the funniest things -- especially when they're trying to create more leverage. Julius Peppers' agent, Carl Carey, told the Gaston (N.C.) Gazette that Philadelphia might be waiting to visit with his client if things didn't work out with the Chicago Bears.

"Chicago will be our first visit and we don’t want them looking over their shoulder worrying about other teams right now,” Carey said. “They were the first to call and they’ve made us a ballpark offer and it’s good enough to where we’ll make a visit. Pending the outcome of that visit we may visit with Philadelphia and see where we are from there."

Carey also said the Redskins were still in the conversation. But something tells me that Redskins and Eagles fans aren't holding their breaths. OK, it's 2:17 a.m. ET. Let's pick things up in the morning if that's cool with you guys.