Dolphins wary of Lee Evans

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
DAVIE, Fla. -- Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano has seen enough of Lee Evans already, and the Buffalo Bills receiver hasn't even gotten to town yet.

Evans on Sunday will play his ninth game against Dolphins. He has 25 catches for 554 yards and eight touchdowns. He's scored on plays of 70, 69 and 56 yards.

Evans is 7-1 against Miami.

"He's had success against the Cowboys, too," said Sparano, a Dallas assistant the past five seasons. "When I'm in one place and I see him run by us, and then I come here and turn the film on and see him run by us, then I think you're pretty good."

This season, Evans has 24 catches for 521 yards and three touchdowns. He has at least 88 receiving yards in his past three games and has scored one touchdown in each.

In Week 4, he had only two catches for 88 yards in a victory over the St. Louis Rams. In Week 6, he had two catches for 100 yards in a loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Not a bad average.

The Dolphins' secondary is in flux. Opponents have been able to pass on them. The Cardinals threw for 361 yards in Week 2, and the Houston Texans threw for 371 yards two games ago.

Cornerback Michael Lehan was placed on injured reserve Thursday. Jason Allen is being moved from safety to cornerback.

"This guy can really, flat-out, out-and-out run," Sparano said. "He can change the game that way. He's a big-play receiver, and I've been on the other end of that thing.

"In this game, with what's happened to us recently, and the amount of big plays ... I can imagine them taking their shots with him."