Peppers contract details

ESPN's Adam Schefter has the annual breakdown of the six-year contract Chicago gave defensive end Julius Peppers.

If he plays the entire length of the deal, Peppers will receive at last $84 million. The base salaries in each of his first three seasons are guaranteed, for a total of $40.5 million. He'll have a chance to earn an additional $7.5 million in incentives, for a possible total of $91.5 million over the length of the deal.

Here are Peppers' annual base salaries:

2010: $20 million

2011: $11.5 million

2012: $9 million

2013: $13 million

2014: $14 million

2015: $16.5 million

TOTAL: $84 million

As Peter King of Sports Illustrated points out, it's key for Peppers to receive his highest salary this season, the year before a possible NFL work stoppage.