The Big Question: Third WR for Colts?

A new Tuesday feature on the ESPN.com NFL blog network.

Presuming Anthony Gonzalez is healthy and ready to go, how do the Colts sort out things at wide receiver with him, Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie?

This isn’t a question that needs to be answered now. Still, I understand how fans look at the Colts' wealth of weapons and can’t help but want to know how the team will sort it out.

I think the Colts simply let these guys fight it out in training camp in the preseason,but ultimately use all three in some capacity and benefit from fantastic depth for Peyton Manning. Gonzalez was the odd-man out last season because of his knee injury. With Garcon and Collie starring without him, Gonzalez might have the most to prove.

I went ahead and got you a second answer as well, from Matt Williamson of Scouts. Inc.:

"To me, Garcon is the most valuable and is the outside threat. A true starter. Big strong body that Indy never has really had at that position with Manning. Tons of upside. The other two should battle it out for No. 3/slot duties and I am quite high on both. Not sure how to handicap that race, but obviously it is a tremendous problem to have if you are Indy. And maybe -- if you get into training camp, you entertain offers for one if someone really makes it worth your time. No reason to get hasty with anything on this front right now."