Rapid Reaction: Eagles 27, Falcons 14

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

One play doesn't make a season. But one play sure cost the Falcons dearly.

It was a controversial call late in the game on a punt return by Adam Jennings. Jennings has been under fire from fans all year and you can make a case that the Falcons should have made a switch in their return game during their bye week. But that's another conversation.

What happened here was the officiating crew ruled Jennings muffed a punt return with a little over two minutes left. Replays sure made it look like Jennings never touched the ball.

But replays didn't matter in this case because the play wasn't reviewed.

Here's what coach Mike Smith had to say to the media after the game.

"(An official) said that since we do not have a timeout that we could not challenge it,'' Smith said. "It would be a 15-yard penalty if we threw the flag. His explanation was of what he thought he saw. He thought he saw the ball touch the return man's hands. That's the call that was made.''

And that's how it stayed. But this play might end up getting reviewed again and again (by the Falcons and their fans) as the season goes on.