Notes from Porter's visit with Cardinals

The Cardinals' interest in free-agent pass-rusher Joey Porter hinges in part on whether the team feels comfortable with his ability to assimilate a strong personality into the locker room.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt made that clear during his recent interview with XTRA910 radio. He pointed to Bryan Robinson and Kurt Warner as veteran players secure enough in their own careers to help develop younger players. The team would want Porter or any veteran to embrace that style as the team develops young outside linebackers Will Davis and Cody Brown.

"I think you have to be very clear about this process when you bring a guy in like that," Whisenhunt told XTRA910. "You have to make sure they understand what the expectations are for them not only as a player but as a leader."

Porter has apparently gotten the message.

"I feel like I can fill the need for what they are looking for as far as an outside linebacker and that I can bring that whole presence of making sure I get to the quarterback," Porter told reporters during his visit to Cardinals headquarters. "Doing my job, but not trying to step on anybody's toes, just doing my job and helping them get back on the track that they want to go on."

The part about not stepping on toes was important. Porter's reputation for bravado and bluster can be a positive if channeled in the context of team.