Saints feeling out Delhomme on backup job

Former Carolina quarterback Jake Delhomme is in New Orleans and will be visiting with the Saints the rest of today and Saturday. General manager Mickey Loomis held a meeting with the local media Friday morning and was pretty open about the team’s interest in Delhomme.

DelhommeDelhomme“I think this is a combination of that exploratory visit along with a desire to sign him. We need to have a conversation with Jake and talk about how he sees himself and how he thinks he would fit here before we can say, 'We’re willing to sign you.'” Loomis said.

That’s a wise approach because, with Drew Brees as the starter, Delhomme would be coming in purely as a backup. I know Delhomme pretty well and he’s a smart guy. I don’t think he would even have made this visit if he didn’t realize a backup role might be his best option at this point.

He’s also a Louisiana native with a deep love for his home state and began his career as an undrafted free agent in New Orleans. If the Saints can get him, I think they’ll have a significant upgrade over Mark Brunell.

Loomis also said the Saints aren’t overly concerned about Delhomme’s surgically-repaired elbow, although their medical people will check it out.

“We need to answer that to some degree, although we don’t have a lot of concern about the injury,’’ Loomis said. “We saw some things during the season that lead us to believe that he’s fine. Again, we’ll have a discussion with him about that today and tomorrow. And we give all of those guys a physical when they come as well.”