Overreaction Monday

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

The NFC Beast came roaring back Sunday with big wins over NFC South and AFC North teams. The Redskins' win over the Lions wasn't quite as impressive, but it sure beats the alternative. Now, settle in for another exciting edition of Overreaction Monday:


  • Randy Galloway of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram praises the "Stewart 3-4" in his Monday column.

    "Let us celebrate fairness by saluting the Stewart 3-4," writes Galloway. "After a 13-9 sweatfest of a win, it wasn't defensive coordinator Brian Stewart who received the praise, or the game ball, from up high. Jerry Jones was mushy and benevolent in saluting head coach Wade Phillips, who no doubt had a rough week of criticism.

    "Then again, Stewart had to endure the embarrassment of being publicly demoted, at least in theory, from his defensive play-calling duties. An exhaustive search, however, of the postgame locker room failed to uncover even one defensive player who thought anything was different, either in practice or during Sunday's game."

  • Tim MacMahon of DallasNews.com fame has the scoop on punter Sam Palescu's game-changing tackle in the first half.

"But, when pressed on the subject, it's clear that Paulescu does take pride in his tackling ability. After all, the guy was a pretty good safety for itty-bitty Whittier Christian, his private high school in Orange County, Calif."

  • Jean-Jacques Taylor gives most of the credit to Wade Phillips. And it doesn't sound like he had an issue with Phillips' decision to go for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter.



  • Gary Myers talks about how Eli Manning outplayed Ben Roethlisberger on Sunday. And you have to appreciate this quote from defensive end Justin Tuck: "Everyone wants to call him dopey when he looks on the football field and he has no expression on his face," Tuck says of Manning. "But he's clutch. He really doesn't get rattled. He's just as calm as the back side of a pillow." Now that's calm!


  • Jason Reid talks about the dramatic impact that Santana Moss had in Sunday's 25-17 win over the Lions.

  • Mike Wise says that head coach Jim Zorn continues to fuel the Redskins' surprising 6-2 start. And on Sunday, the Z Man was on fire.