Orlovsky back to No. 2 for Texans

After a year as a well paid No. 3, it looks like it’s time for quarterback Dan Orlovsky to prove he’s capable of stepping in for Matt Schaub.


OrlovskyAdam Schefter reports that unrestricted free agent Rex Grossman, who was Houston's No. 2 quarterback last year, has reunited with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in Washington.

That means Orlovsky is the backup unless the Texans make a move. Chris Simms would seem a possibility if they wanted a third quarterback with some experience. But Orlovsky got three years at $8.5 million last year in a deal that had second- and third-tier quarterbacks around the country doing cartwheels.

It’s time for him to show the team he was worth it.

Schaub did well to stay healthy last year, and needs to do so again. He probably has graduated to the ranks of the irreplaceable.