Chargers will get value for Whitehurst

Charlie Whitehurst is on his way out of San Diego.

WhitehurstWhitehurstThe Chargers’ No. 3 quarterback was pursued both by Arizona and Seattle in restricted free agency. ESPN’s John Clayton is reporting Whitehurst appears headed to Seattle. Whitehurst is expected to get a lucrative deal as the Seahawks think he can be a future starter.

This is not a bad deal for a guy who has never tossed a pass in the regular season, but who has played well in the preseason and who was highly rated coming out of college.

Expect the Chargers and Seahawks to quickly execute a trade of Whitehurst. He signed a third-round tender. Whitehurst was taken in the third round in 2006. However, the Seahawks do not have a third-round pick. They do have two fourth-round picks.

Expect the two teams to work out a deal that satisfies both parties. Perhaps the teams could flip second-round picks as part of the deal. Whatever the compensation is, it will be a good deal for San Diego.

Whitehurst was buried behind Philip Rivers and Billy Volek. He was not going to get a chance to play in San Diego. To get compensation for a third-stringer is a solid deal. The Chargers need to reload at several positions. This trade will allow San Diego to get better.