If a Titan, Babin a wait-and-see addition

Add another reclamation project to Jim Washburn’s pile -- provided the Eagles don’t choose to match the one-year, $1 million contract Jason Babin has agreed to with Tennessee, according to Adam Schefter.


BabinWashburn, the Titans' defensive line coach, has had his share of high draft picks – Jevon Kearse, Albert Haynesworth, Travis LaBoy, Antwan Odom, Randy Starks, Jason Jones and Sen'Derrick Marks -- to work with.

But he’s also been given a share of scrap heap guys.

And before people like me jump to say we don’t expect much from Babin, who busted big time as a first-round pick for the Houston Texans in 2004, we’d be wise to review some of those names, too.

Kyle Vanden Bosch and Tony Brown turned into defensive stalwarts and Dave Ball was tendered at a second-round level with a one-year $1.8 million price tag.

So Babin is an extreme case of wait-and-see.

Perhaps he eases the pressure on the team to find a pass-rusher in the first three rounds of the draft. I would think it’d be awfully hard for them to make that assessment before the draft, though, and he won’t change their plans.

If he blossoms under his new position coach, the Titans will take the depth and experience.

Here’s the bonus review from Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc., who returns e-mails with lightning speed.

DE/OLB tweener who has never really found a home or position that best suits him. Had a tremendous Combine when coming out for the draft and I think that has clouded some people into thinking he is a great athlete who can really play coverage (in a 3-4 for example). But that hasn't been the case and he is more or less just an upfield 9 Technique...which is like [Dwight] Freeney or [Robert] Mathis (lining up real wide). He does have speed, but hasn't developed a real repertoire of pass rush moves and when run at, is a liability. Obviously DE is a need area for the Titans, so adding him to the mix isn't such a bad thing, but he isn't an everydown guy and in the end, you would hope that you can do better for a pure specialty pass rusher.