Could Lions trust Pacman?

I have no problem with Detroit officials meeting with Adam "Pacman" Jones, as they reportedly will do Friday morning. The Lions are also well within their rights to attend a private workout Jones will hold in New Orleans following Tulane's pro day. The Lions are nearly barren at cornerback and are obligated to investigate fully every option for improving the position.

JonesJonesShould they actually sign Jones? I'm far less certain about that.

Let's put it this way: Jones has never been reliable in his NFL career. He botched multiple chances in Tennessee, where Lions coach Jim Schwartz was his defensive coordinator, and also in Dallas. He's been suspended for a total of 20 regular season games because of multiple violations of the NFL's personal conduct policy and is almost certainly down to his last chance to play in the NFL.

Schwartz saw Jones' undeniable talent up close with the Titans, and he probably has better insight than most into his true makeup and character. I don't worry so much about the potential distraction Jones could cause with the Lions. To me, the only question should be whether they can actually trust him to play a full season without finding off-field trouble. Otherwise, the entire exercise is pointless.

Justin of Detroit just wrote to the mailbag: "If he's in shape, Pacman would be the best cornerback on the Lions roster."

That's true, without a doubt. He would also be their best punt returner and possibly their top slot receiver as well. But for how long? That's something the Lions will have to do their best to judge Friday.