Henne backpedals from Tebow remark

Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne raised eyebrows when he scoffed at Tim Tebow being his peer.


HenneHenne"My judgment is that he's not an NFL quarterback," Henne said Wednesday on Miami sports-radio station WQAM. Henne sounded as though he regretted saying it as the words were tumbling out his mouth. "So I'll leave it at that."

Tebow has drawn conflicting NFL forecasts from football analysts. He leaves the University of Florida as one of the greatest players in college football history but many wonder whether his skills will translate.

Henne's remark was newsworthy because it came from an active player -- a starting quarterback, no less. The Gators' quarterbacks coach, Scot Loeffler, was Henne's position coach at the University of Michigan. Tebow's agent, Jimmy Sexton, also represents Dolphins football operations boss Bill Parcells and head coach Tony Sparano.

At a charity golf tournament Friday in South Florida, Henne gave a diplomatic clarification of his dismissive comment. Henne has been an NFL starter for one year and threw more interceptions than touchdown passes.

"I didn't really say he wasn't able to be one," Henne told a throng of reporters, according to Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero's blog. "We're all in this process, learning how to be an NFL quarterback. Obviously, he's taken the right steps to improve his game. His throwing motion actually looks a lot better with his release and everything. I think his pro day went really well, and he was happy with it. I can't really say anything. My quarterback coach from college is coaching him in college. We're coming from the same people.

"He's obviously learned from a lot of good people. And with [Florida coach] Urban Meyer up there, he's learned from the best. Those [comments] were way out of proportion [that] he's not going to be an NFL quarterback. Wherever he goes, he's going to make that team better because he's such a competitor and a great person."