Hold the sugar: Kraft holds coffee court

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Swing over to ESPNBoston.com, where Mike Reiss is working feverishly to post highlights from Monday morning's coffee talk with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft delivered a few juicy tidbits. He revealed the Patriots would vote for overtime modifications the competition committee has recommended (team that loses the coin toss gets a possession if a field goal is made on the first possession).

He also discussed the Patriots' problems in 2009, stating the locker room lacked that coveted chemistry that had been there in the past.

That's a significant admission, but also a peculiar one right now, when you consider the Patriots have been diligent in re-signing their own players, reluctant to identify outside help through free agency and unwilling to release outside linebacker Adalius Thomas so far. Thomas ran afoul of coach Bill Belichick last year, and it's somewhat surprising the highly paid veteran hasn't been dropped already.

Check back throughout the day for updates and observations.