Giants' co-owner Tisch talks stadium

ORLANDO, Fla. -- As I was talking to New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch on Monday about which opponent his team would play in the first regular season game in the new Meadowlands stadium Sept. 12, the league's scheduling guru, Howard Katz, walked past.

"Who are we playing?" Tisch asked Katz, who responded by shaking his head and frowning.

The league's expected to reveal the Giants' opening-weekend opponent Tuesday -- and don't be surprised if it's an NFC East rival. My money's on the Cowboys. I asked Tisch about the recent flap over NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's secret coin toss to determine whether the Giants or Jets hosted the first game at the new stadium. Jets owner Woody Johnson criticized Goodell regarding the process and the league soon announced that the Giants would play on Sunday, Sept. 12 and the Jets would play the following evening on "Monday Night Football."

"Roger made a decision who would play the first of the two games, and the coin landed in our favor," Tisch told me Monday. "Woody made some comments about it. I think Woody and the commissioner have resolved it."

Asked if he was pleased with the outcome, Tisch paused before saying, "I think it's good for the Giants and the Giants fans."

Tisch sounded confident that the stadium will have a naming rights partner before the first regular season game. He knows that Jerry Jones' palace in Arlington, Texas, still goes by Cowboys Stadium, but he's optimistic that the Giants and Jets will strike a deal with a company.

"We will have a naming rights partner," said Tisch. "The economy seems to be improving and we're going to have a number of conversations."