Black and Blue all over: Please dial again

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Minnesota receiver Bernard Berrian spoke out Tuesday on an aspect of the NFL's policy for supplement use, telling a national radio audience he has experienced difficulty getting information from the league's toll-free hotline.

The league provides the hotline as a resource for players unsure about the contents of supplements they are considering using. It's designed as a failsafe against taking a supplement that might be tainted or otherwise could cause a player to test positive for an illegal substance. Berrian told Sirius NFL radio that he hasn't always gotten through on the line:

"You've got to take some responsibility and call into that hotline. But I know one thing about that hotline. I've called twice before and actually never gotten a hold of anybody sometimes. So even when you try to do the right thing sometimes it is still hard to get a hold of somebody and really find out what you're really taking."

The topic came up during a discussion about the possible suspension of Minnesota defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams, who reportedly took a supplement that contained a substance banned by the NFL. League spokesman Greg Aiello told the Star Tribune the league will follow up on Berrian's comments.

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