Poolside with Jerry

ORLANDO, Fla. -- During my search for peel-and-eat shrimp last night at an NFL owners meetings reception, I bumped into Jerry Jones and his entourage, which included his wife, Gene, daughter Charlotte and Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman. While we spoke, a woman dressed as a 14-foot spruce tree danced nearby. You know, the usual.

Anyway, I visited with Jones for a few minutes before popping the question, "Are you guys playing the first game in new Meadowlands stadium?"

Jones looked as if he'd just been wounded and he wheeled around and walked away. I'm still trying to interpret what that abrupt departure may have meant. The NFL will likely announce the Giants' Sept. 12 opponent this afternoon. I think it will be the Eagles or Cowboys -- especially since the Giants have opened against the Redskins in recent years.

In other late-night news, I'm told that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan was highly entertaining during his time at the Ritz-Carlton's main bar Monday night. I'm sad to report that the Beast blog turned in before Shanahan arrived. Earlier in the evening, I had a chance to catch up with my former boss and current Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti.

He and Ravens director of college scouting Eric DeCosta engaged in a spirited conversation about how they arrived at drafting quarterback Joe Flacco a couple of years ago.

OK, stay with us all day for constant updates from the owners meetings. I'm scheduled to visit with all of the NFC East coaches tomorrow, but I'm hoping to land interviews with Bruce Allen and Jerry Reese today.

Thanks for participating in the owners meetings blog.