Gailey cast Bills' 'No' vote on OT change

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey has made his first official call.

The Bills allowed their new coach to make the decision on how they would vote for the NFL's modified overtime proposal. The Bills were one of only four teams to vote against the proposal, which was recommended by the competition committee and approved Tuesday afternoon at the annual owners meetings.

The new format was adopted for the playoffs only and gives the team that loses the coin toss a possession if the team that wins the flip kicks a field goal on the opening drive. The Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals were the other teams to dissent.

Bills general manager Buddy Nix told reporters Monday he was in favor of the change, but after discussing it with Gailey, the organization reached a consensus.

"I'm speaking for him and I shouldn't be, but he didn't like the rules changing when you go into the playoffs," Nix said. "They should be the same, but now your strategies are different.

"It's not that big a deal, but since it passed, we'll go by the rules."

Nix allowed Gailey to determine the vote because the coach has to abide by the rules, not the scouts or business administrators.

"If it's a decision that involves the game and playing, then I think the coach should make it," Nix said. "To me, he's the guy that's got to deal with it."