Reaction to Richardson's rally cry

ORLANDO, Fla. -- NFC North colleague Kevin Seifert got to sit down with Green Bay president/CEO Mark Murphy earlier Tuesday.

One of the questions Murphy was asked was for his reaction to the speech by Carolina owner Jerry Richardson, in which the only former player to own a team urged his fellow owners to stick together in their negotiations for a new labor deal with the NFL Players Association.

Courtesy of Seifert, here’s Murphy’s quote on Richardson’s speech:

“It was very well received and primarily because Jerry is so respected. And it was very early in the meetings. It was at the end of the commissioner’s state of the NFL talk. Quite honestly, part of it is just what Jerry has been through with his health issues. I know, it’s really been almost a year because of the heart transplant he was unable to attend meetings. I guess some of the meetings he was able to call in. This is the first annual meeting he’s been at. He missed the last one. It’s really good to have him. He’s so respected and has such great experience. I think also his background and perspective, he was a player in the league, it really is beneficial to have him there. It really adds a lot.’’